It had a name.


Every Morning

In high school, every morning, I’d go weeks playing the same thing. Something that’d put me in one good mood for the day, everyday. Most of the time it was VU or The Kinks. I bought two records today. One unexpected, one I knew I was going to get anyways “so I might as well buy it now.” Imogen introduced Lucky Dragons to me. Pretty much grateful. So I bought “Open Power”. It was just there. And when the record dude interrupted my finger prodding to tell me “that album is really good,” I couldn’t say no to buying it. Then I saw Panda Bear’s “Person Pitch” and it was very impulsive, let’s say, but inevitable. So, as school, two jobs and projects begin all at once and turn into this non-malleable daily routine, at least I can count on my mornings being different and controlled, which makes getting up out of bed enjoyable. If I can control my mornings, listen to what I want, choose what I want to wear and eat what I want to eat–as long as I allow myself enough time– everyday could be potentially good because I set them up to be that way. That would be a blissful existence.


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