It had a name.


This is how I procrastinate, too.




I thought I’d share this bit with you: I downloaded typeface Lubalin last night in 5 different styles. ILLEGALLY. I live a dangerous life.

I’ll show you all ping pong later.


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Yes, I kern!

I don’t think I’ll ever be done with typography puns. Here’s progress I’ve made on the brew topic. I spent 4 hours last night on it. I was pleased with the direction it was heading. It’s still heading in some direction. I think I want to go with serifs on this one… all the way. 

portlandbiere This morning I did this:

portlandbiere_2I’ll be putting captions of facts and history about Portland’s brewing culture, so this is very much in progress. Must find new typefaces for “Portland Beer” “Beervana” “this is a beer lover’s land” and maybe “two words.” I’m feeling the sans serif on the roman numeral, so that may be allowed.

I’m sooo going to get this done by Tuesday.

Yeah, too many fonts, need to tone that down.

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Have a week left to get these projects done.

No sweat.

My USB stick decided to malfunction today… I had a majority of my updated work on there…

No problem.

Redo everything.

No pressure.

In a week.

I know.

Good, as long as we’re clear.


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I like this way.


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I am patiently

waiting for new Grizzly Bear album Veckatimest.

As I wait, I eat peanut butter and sliced apples.

As I wait, I look at a picture of you. It’s encouraging.

As I wait, I listen to live performances of GB.

I want it to be so good, I think as I wait.

Already, into the third song, I’m smiling as I wait.

I feel like a little version of myself  as I wait.

As I wait, I wish I could see them play at Aladdin Theatre.

::in addition::

Took a 2 hr nap. Woke up to dine with Erman, Aish and Imogen. We cracked backs, listened to new grizzgrizz, played with water colours, watched Immy paint beard on her face, Erman painted her chest hairs, I painted a shaman with no pupils and listened to Meredith Monk, Lucky Dragons and Man Man.

I didn’t do anything productive today, other than purchase apples, peanut butter and carrots. I’m fine with that.

Recently, I’ve been asked to collaborate with very talented people. I’m excited for these projects. I am really looking forward to it once I get things sorted.

Remember xanga? I feel like this would be a typical xanga entry for me. Sans pictures.

Bed time.

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