It had a name.



gumonegumtwoI definitely tried putting this up a gazillion times before but it never seemed to work. Finally, the day has come.

Here is my finished project for the MPA Roses competition. Not sure if you’ll be able to read it, but you can always make up your own story I suppose if you cannot.


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W.I.P. deuce

beeeeerStarted it this morning. Working on the colours. Not sure.

Featured type face: Calvert Bold face.

Have a great week-end!

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work in progress


A typography project. Not even close to being done. Thought I’d put it up though.

It’s coming off more negative than I anticipated. Maybe it’s the ‘FREAKS’ part.

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scratch that

I’ve been into Podcasts lately. I subscribed to this really good one called TED. And was really diggin’ this one by Stephen Petranek telling us the ways the world could end very suddenly. Here it is:

And, my point for sharing this is not only is it awesome but I sort of got inspired to do a new project for YCN instead of the Ping Pong one I’ve been working on for months. It’s called Street Talk and it’s basically an attempt to get people start talking about issues. I want to do some designs that will be posted on the sides of phone booths that deal with some of these concerns. Like this:


But I have to focus on one. And I’m battling over two. I really want to promote space colonization. Or promote putting more money into space research. I remember when I was a little girl,  my dad telling me how imperative it is for us to get out there because something horrible is bound to happen. This actually terrified me. But I find it silly that I hardly think about it today. I get so occupied with petty everyday things and forget that there’s a bigger picture.

Or I will do something that promotes protecting bio-diversity and the rain forests. Last year I took a science course and I was lucky enough to have this professor. (Yeah, I realize I’m being a bit creepy posting his pic, but you all need to know what he looks like. And this picture makes him look whimsical.)  Anyways, his lectures always depressed me about the way humans have been destroying the earth in the last 200 years and we continue to do so today even though the majority of us have been educated about how we need to make a change. I always wanted to help the awareness of that and now I can through this project. I just wish I had thought about it a couple months ago. seigel-4x6

Richard Seigel Ph.D, Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

Anyways, take that in. I feel like I’m just rambling on and being a creeper.

I have no regrets.

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my new bébé

SO today was one of those busy days  (it manages to be still)  that could totally get me down  (potentially, that can happen still)  but it totally wasn’t  (and probably won’t be)  because I got a Holga today.

Yes, today is a very special day for me. I have put off buying a Holga for years due to it’s ridiculous price. I did purchase that lomo fisheye camcam 3 years ago, but a Holga is something entirely different. Far more exciting. You either have control of the outcome of the picture or it’s totally out of your hands. Which means I’ll be spending a lot of time with it years to come.

pencil indicates color wheel!

And guess how much I paid for it?


Which might be the inspiration behind the name I’m giving it: 4 lbr. (It ways less than a lb)

I’m very proud of myself and this just proves it’s totally worth waiting (this, however, won’t stop me from acting impulsively regularly). Also, it came with a 35 mm adapter! In conclusion, I’m going to enjoy myself a lot more. And I’ll have something to keep my mind off my Minolta back home (which literally weighs near 4 lbs if not more).

Here are more pictures with me and 4lbr:

pencil indicates primitive lens


This is what it looks like when I have a blue filter over the flash and I flash you in the face.

Sexy results ensue.

Okay, many words to write tonight and projects to do. I swear,I have a bizzay life. Be well.

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sipping on some tea.


It’s snowing again. But I like this snow this time because it flurries and the wind blows it horizontally. Sometimes it turns into harmless hail that look like those styrofoam balls that stick to you. And this hail sticks to you, too. Am still deathly afraid of falling though. I think it’s all about humiliating myself in front of the world. And then being constantly reminded when I walk around with a wet bum. Is that my worse fear? If so, that really needs to change.

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