It had a name.


im listening to bjork right now.

So, it has been one of those mornings for me.

Wake up, alarm-less, get out of bed, sock-less, head to the kitchen, thought-less, look outside, joy-less.

Although, I was surprised.

Surprised the snow did stick last night. Usually, the morning after it snows, the snow is pristine. Not true on campus. There are visible footprints of the inebriated ones on their way back home from a frigid night out in the wee hours of the morning. 

I guess the snow gets in the way of my everyday routine. I have to work with it and the snow is always uncompromising. And snow means it’s really cold outside. Like really, really cold. 

And sometimes, I fall in it.

And people know when I’m falling, because naturally I yell “I’M FALLING” out to the world. You know, so people will look and see me do it. And they’d be like, “she wasn’t lying.”

This week is hell week, academia-wise.

I wish the perfectionist in me were more compromising than the snow.


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  1. Casimir says:

    I have the exact voice and face of you yelling, “I’M FALLING!”

    It’s in my head and came out and sat next to me when I read that line.

    Well, I guess really it fell over next to me.

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