It had a name.


crazy in the coconut

Just when I thought thanksgiving dinner couldn’t get better, someone had brought the pumpkin pie. 

And then I fell into a food coma.

So, my thanksgiving turned out splendidly.

Reached the deadline this week for our magazine layout.

I’m pretty reluctant to put it up here (because after not having looked at it in two days, I already see some mistakes. Nit-picky details, mind you, but they manage to bother me a lot. Especially, knowing that I can’t go back and fix them for reviews).


I did not write the article. I found it on the web. I don’t think it’s plagiarism, because our prof told us to do that…

So with that out the way, I can give my other three projects more attention.

Yeah, they gave us another brief. The project is to get more people to play table tennis. Very fitting. For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve played rounds of table tennis back in the day. Hayley, do you realize table tennis brought us closer together? I’m talkin’ freshman year racquet sports. And then regular table tennis matches at the Wilson’s. Oh I wish I could come around and take part in this new year’s match. 

I actually haven’t put any thought into it yet, though. I could make a really sweet clothes line or something, but again, I’ve been working on the recent deadlines and this isn’t as important right now. If you have any ideas, do share!

YCN is organizing this brief. It’s a neat little site. Check it.

Hope you all are recovering well from overdosing on food.

More to come later, obviously.


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im listening to bjork right now.

So, it has been one of those mornings for me.

Wake up, alarm-less, get out of bed, sock-less, head to the kitchen, thought-less, look outside, joy-less.

Although, I was surprised.

Surprised the snow did stick last night. Usually, the morning after it snows, the snow is pristine. Not true on campus. There are visible footprints of the inebriated ones on their way back home from a frigid night out in the wee hours of the morning. 

I guess the snow gets in the way of my everyday routine. I have to work with it and the snow is always uncompromising. And snow means it’s really cold outside. Like really, really cold. 

And sometimes, I fall in it.

And people know when I’m falling, because naturally I yell “I’M FALLING” out to the world. You know, so people will look and see me do it. And they’d be like, “she wasn’t lying.”

This week is hell week, academia-wise.

I wish the perfectionist in me were more compromising than the snow.

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avoiding work…

Just passing the time.

Sorry about the sideway pictures, everyone.

2nd sighting of Kate Nash



Daaaaaayumlovely birds

It's really an elspeth, though



I want one for myself

I want one for myself

they are together. forever. always.



.and then, tiredness overcame us.this is just meant to scare you.Imogen's smile.

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winter’s love!

Winter Tour dates

Animal Collective:

11-06 Santiago, Chile – Industria Cultural
11-08 São Paulo, Brazil – Planeta Terra Festival
11-09 Buenos Aires, Argentina – La Trastienda
11-13 Lima, Peru – Centro Fundación Telefónica
01-12 London, England – Koko
01-13 Glasgow, Scotland – Glasgow School of Arts <—— !!!!!!!!!!
01-14 Manchester, England – Club Academy
01-15 Brighton, England – Concorde 2
01-16 Paris, France – Bataclan
01-17 Leuven, Belgium – Stuk
01-18 Berlin, Germany – Postbanhof
01-20 New York, NY – Grand Ballroom
01-22 Chicago, IL – Metro
01-24 23 Los Angeles, CA – Fonda

13.31: Just bought my lurvly tickets!

Soyoung, you must see them this time in LA.

Way tooooooo exciting I can essplode.

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O it has been quite a while.

This weekend has been particularly nice and lovely. Right when things were getting the better of me, some lovely birds flew in from the south and stayed with me for two nights and three days. It was comforting to be visited. To act like myself. To not be so serious. 

Now I am revived.

I am more confident in myself.

I feel I can tackle these projects that seem to be dragging on and on and on. 

Because they really have been dragging on.

I want them to be the best they can be, but I’m so tired of them. I think it might’ve been a better idea if they had given us one project every month, because giving us three to work on for about 3 months is torture. It gets boring and I’m not as excited about them as I had been in the beginning.

Anyways, soon, I’ll post them up for your viewing.

As for myself, I am always thinking about the future. I am thankful for being able and having chose to stay here for a year. This semester has gone by so quickly. And the month of December will be a mess of traveling and exploring. In that time I hope to tend to projects of my own and some other’s. I can’t say I’ll be happy to miss Christmas 2008 back home. What with certain people coming home, and I’ll be away upon their return. And I am thinking of you all frequently. 

It is nice to be re-familiarized with the past. I had it so gooood. And I continue to do so. 

I feel very at peace.

I’m going to tackle this semester.

Keep well in the mean time.


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