It had a name.


speaking links and a hole-y box…

Click the following link! You’ll be downloading a MP3 file of Ross phoning his flat mate. It’s somewhat funny and he has a Scottish accent, so I don’t see you wouldn’t download it. theres a paintbrush in my eye¬†Yesterday, I had to attend a workshop induction. It was 9 in the morning and I was still very, very… tipsy from the night before. To make a long story short, having been dehydrated, lacking quality sleep and unable to measure dimensions correctly the first time round, I was still able to make this really cool pen holder. But seriously, I probably should not have been using a band saw or electric sander.¬†


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Explored the city a bit more this weekend. Saw Desperate Dan, a pink limo, some pipers and… well, let the photos speak for themselves. Check out snelsovision. Enjoy!

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Quickie post

Heard of Skype, right? We should meet in that space. My screen name: snellyscope. I would love to talk to you.

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