It had a name.


“David Bowie loves typography.”

Another day. Still sick but much better. Received another project focusing on typography. Essentially, we have to create a five page booklet on a sort of font. Any font we please. The aim is to develop skills appropriate to the integration of word and image, and demonstrate the use of grid to inform page layout. Haven’t decided on which font yet. Doing most of my research tonight. There are so many great resources at the Duncan and Jordanstone library. I think I will be spending most of my time there absorbing every little bit knowledge I can. I think most of my “gained knowledge” will be deposited here. So, not only will this blog be about my adventures in Scotland, but I’ll get to show you what I’ve recently discovered and love and things I want to share with you from the past. The first bit is the opening to a French film by Pascal Magnin. Great choreography and story. I suggest watching the rest on youtube. I’ve been really into dance vids like this one: AND: Yeeeeah, I really aspire to dance like they do in these videos… collectively.


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  1. elspeth says:

    yelle is such a big deal here, she’s errwhere.
    i am trying to learn those moves too.
    we should start an equipe.
    are there a bunch of mysterious woods where you are?
    that’s what i imagine, and your library in the middle of em.

  2. shadee says:



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