It had a name.


Bed ridden and loving it…

Seriously? Really?

Yup. Managed to get sick already. You know how it goes, tingly throat that turns into a scratchy throat and then the sniffles. From the beginning you’re hoping it’s a sore throat from too much talking. But no. On your first day of Uni, your nose is draining all over the place and you carry your bandana everywhere you go. Yes, you wash the bandana in the sink and let it drip dry over the furnace. Of course, you know you’re doomed to spend the majority of your time in your bed, in your room closed off from civilisation; really, you’d feel horrible if you got your flat mates ill as well. So, you play it smart and take advantage of the DVDs and art books at the library. “Eraserhead” and “Stop Making Sense,” two very peculiar choices for the bed ridden, but maybe you’re the type who has difficulty making choices especially when it comes to movies. When you decide on a movie, you are having to make a commitment. Your time is on the line. But Whateves, they’re free and I’m sick, so I should have no reason to be bothered. And they weren’t that bad.

My first week here has been a whirlwind of discovering new people and places and things. I have extremely nice flat mates; each have very interesting characteristics and smarts about them. Erman and Tózen hail from Cyprus, Monica is from Zimbabwe, Nigel lives 30 minutes from here and Adesoupe lives in Nigeria. Apparently, there are a lot more Americans attending Dundee this year… and I have met all of them. Most are here for one semester. 

I had two classes today. Honestly, the only way I can distinguish them are by the different briefs we receive. In our morning class, we were given 8 briefs, one of which we decide to compete in the MPA Roses Student Creativity Awards. Of the 8, I’ve narrowed it down to two. Once I make the commitment, I’ll give you more knowledge. Our afternoon class I’m extremely excited about. We’re supposed to make a promotion for this book “8 Things You Didn’t Know About…”. It can be about anything; science, music, food etc. We get to design the actual book second semester, but for now we’re assigned to make this foldable pamphlet handout or a website to promote it. I’ve decided to make the website, so in the future you all may see it. I hope you all are taking your vitamins and keeping well.


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  1. cameron says:

    i dont think i’ve ever seen stop making sense. good title though. anyway i just gotta say, that making the decision to watch eraserhead is just bad enough on its own. but if your sick that movies gotta just make you more miserable. boo that movie. one bad trip if you ask me.

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